The Chant, a game that explores the dark paths of cults

Canadian development team Brass Token and publisher Prime Matter recently unveiled a new trailer for their horror game, The Chant.

It’s a dense and heavy title that explores the dark world of spiritual and other cults.

Canadians Brass Token are working on their next work, The Chant.

The Chant is an action-horror adventure that features a dense, heavy and almost claustrophobic environment where the player will dive into the strange world of spirit worshippers.

The action of The Chant takes place on an isolated island called Glory Island. This is a spiritual retreat, called Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat, where people go to rest their minds and seek peace of mind and soul.

In the game, we will follow Jess Briars who goes to this retreat for a weekend with the idea of ​​forgetting the events of her past and clearing her mind to move on.

However, something is happening on the island. A seemingly harmless ritual that has been around since the 1970s, it accidentally opens a passageway to another dimension called The Gloom, unleashing countless nefarious ghosts and apparitions across the island.

Your objective with this cult was to gain Light and spiritual freedom, but what you will receive is far more macabre. Members of this ritual are suddenly invaded by their innermost fears and other cosmic horrors.

However, the truth behind the cult itself hides very well hidden secrets which the player as he progresses through the game will reveal. What is this cult hiding? What is the truth behind these rituals?

Jess Briars will have to fight to save herself and discover along the way what is happening on the island of Glory Island and with this seemingly harmless ritual.

The Chant will feature physical combat and elemental combat-based gameplay as players face off against the ghosts and psi demons that have invaded Glory Island.

The Chant will be released on November 3, 2022 on Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 and PC.

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