The Fabulous Fear Machine presented at Gamescom

From Spanish studios Fictiorama Studios, The Fabulous Fear Machine game was announced during Gamescom.

It’s a game about urban myths and conspiracies that could turn out to be very exciting.

The Fabulous Fear Machine, in development by our neighbors Fictiorama Studios (responsible for Do Not Feed the Monkeys), was unveiled at Gamescom.

A game that focuses on a very interesting theme, that of urban myths and conspiracy theories and that tries to get players to sow chaos and fear across the planet in order to gain Power, Wealth and Glory.

The Fabulous Fear Machine is a strategy game with a strong narrative that challenges players to create a climate of fear across the world in order to control it.

With a strong narrative and gameplay based on the use of cards, players will have to know how to use them with mastery and at the right times and places, collect resources, react quickly to unexpected events, create machiavellian schemes and spy on enemies to acquire supremacy.

It's a single-player strategy game with a very comical presentation that takes place in the 1950s. The player is the new "Master of the Machine" and to achieve his goals, he will have to sow chaos and fear all over the world. . through the cultivation of social fears, such as urban myths and conspiracy theories that inhabit the minds of every human being.

Fabulous Fear Machine's main campaign is based on several chapters that explore new Masters, each with their own ambitions.

As the player's power increases in a given region, the missions grow in scale (both geographically and socially) and the pressure from other characters also increases.

The forces of Good respond and counterattack our schemes and moreover, random social events occur that prompt players to adapt their strategies.

The Fabulous Fear Machine doesn't yet have a concrete release date for PC, but for the curious, it already has a demo available on Steam.

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