Land of the Vikings, survive in harsh Northern Europe

During Gamescom, a new trailer was unveiled for Land of the Vikings, a strategy game in which the player’s task is to create a Viking village.

It is a city building game developed by independent studios Laps Games.

Independent studios Laps Games announced at Gamescom their next work, Land of the Vikings which, as its name suggests, is a game about this mighty Norse people.

The gameplay of Land of the Vikings is about creating, managing, improving and prospering a Viking village, in the dangerous and harsh lands of Northern Europe. Brutal storms ravage the land in winter. Earthquakes can strike at any time. Fires can break out in summer.

In Land of the Vikings, players take on the role of a Jarl (leader) of a newly formed Viking settlement, with all the responsibilities that come with it.

Conditions in Northern Europe are harsh and cruel and a wise Jarl will have to manage his village and the work of its inhabitants in a sensible and balanced way.

Collecting resources is an important part of Land of the Vikings, as they allow villagers to survive, as well as the evolution and growth of the village.

Cut down trees and gather wood, hunt animals in the surrounding forests and meadows, mine important minerals in the mountains, or fish in nearby rivers and fjords. Winters tend to be extremely harsh in these latitudes of the planet, which is why careful management of these resources is extremely important to survive the coldest months of the year. Only in this way will it be possible to survive year after year and expand the village.

However, we will not be alone and other villages are nearby. Perfect victims for the Vikings' favorite sport: Raiding. But there will also be other villages with which we can trade/exchange goods, thus establishing friendly business relations.

The game also has several aspects to take into account, such as social upheavals and the needs of the villagers. In effect, each villager is their own distinct character in Land of the Vikings. Everyone has over 20 personality traits, skills and needs and as such it is important to know how to manage them and keep them "on our side".

Over the years, it is possible that other Vikings will appear from time to time to join our village. The player can refuse but can also welcome them with open arms, especially if they have significant skills. In addition to bringing more labor to our village, this welcome also brings the possibility of marriages and unions, thus creating new lines in our people.

From what we know about Land of the Vikings, the game will have a strong capacity for customization, especially in terms of buildings. But this customization does not only extend to the coloring of buildings and ships but also to their construction, thanks to a powerful building editor that the game will present.

Finally, there will be a tree of life (a type of technology tree) in which we can spend fame points to unlock new buildings and bonuses in the game. For example, we can unlock a Tavern by discovering how to make beer, or invest in the production of goats to unlock the manufacture of warm clothes. As the player manages to create better living conditions for his vikings, the healthier and happier they will be and the more prosperous our village will be.

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