Why is VPN one of the most used technologies today?

It may sound cliché, but today’s world is more connected than ever, with technology becoming more integrated into our lives. Stop for a minute to think about what a headache it would be without the internet for a few days, whether at work or at home, it would feel like there’s not much to do, right?

With the advance of the Internet in all areas of our lives – leisure and shopping, work, among other routines like going to the bank to pay bills – we are increasingly able to do everything using a computer, a smartphone, there are applications for everything you can imagine. And of course this relationship with technology also has its negative sides, after all, we are more exposed than ever in the online environment. Research indicates that Brazil was the 5th country that suffered the most from cyber crime in 2021, a figure that should be enough to worry us about the security of our network.

How to stay connected, but in a more secure way?

An alternative to keep us safe in our online lives is turn to VPNs, virtual private networks – virtual private networks, in good Portuguese. These are services that add an extra layer of security to our lives on the network by using encryption to transmit data between our devices and the rest of the Internet.

You see, every time we access the Internet, there is an exchange of data between our mobile phones, computers or any other device used by the network – and this data is not protected, being an easy target for malicious people, people who can find themselves finding out what you do, where you are connected from, discovering your shopping habits, etc. What a VPN does is Encrypt this information in such a way that it cannot be interpreted without the necessary cryptographic key, a key which is in the possession of the VPN provider, guaranteeing your confidentiality and that of your information.

With the advancement of working in the digital environment, more and more companies are investing in VPNs so that their employees can access the corporate environment in a secure manner without information leakage or falling between the other people’s hands, although there are other uses that also attract users for this type of service – such as the end of location restrictions for content made available online. Just imagine accessing another country’s Netflix catalog just to see what’s there! Well, know that with a VPN it is possible, and this feature is one of the big motivations for home users to use this type of service.

expanding market

The number of VPN users has increased, considering the factors mentioned above, even more considering the damage possible if sensitive data falls into the hands of those who should not, but its use for entertainment purposes must also be taken into account – 22% of users use these services for these purposes, according to information from the DataProt website.

The industry is expected to reach $107.5 billion in 2027, showing that VPNs are here to stay.

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