Daughter of model Steve Jobs, Eve mocks the new iPhone

It’s a meme girl!

The model daughter of late Apple founder Steve Jobs has mocked the tech giant’s new iPhone with a meme that suggests it’s identical to the older model.

Eve Jobs, 23, shared the cute review on Wednesday which shows a smiling middle-aged man proudly holding up a talented brown t-shirt – one to match the one he’s already wearing.

Eve Jobs shared the meme on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, shortly after her late father’s company announced the new iPhone.
Instagram / @evejos

“I’m upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today,” the post first joked. Shared by Wall Street Memes.

Jobs shared his Instagram Stories shortly after current Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone in Cupertino, Calif., at a theater named after his father, who died in October 2011.

New iPhone 14 models.
Apple has long come under fire for releasing new iPhone models with few major updates.

It wasn’t ironic how few changes the new model offered over the current iPhone 13, with most of the promised camera and battery life upgrades – and the main selling point is that it will be just as expensive as the current model. Aligned.

“Apple is happy to improve iPhone Camera Day!” prank a person In response to the original Wall Street Memes post.

“Trying to raise stock prices. Different “features” of the same phone lol,” actor Blair Jackson wrote in response.

Eve Jobs did some modeling earlier this year.
Eve Jobs often uses her Instagram to promote her equestrian success and her modeling career.

Eve Jobs often devotes her Instagram to sharing her success as a horsewoman, as well as her promising modeling career.

She was recently hired by DNA Model Management, representing Kaia Gerber and Linda Evangelista.

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