New screening finds cancer without symptoms through blood test

Researchers from Grail, an American biotechnology company, have developed a blood test that can detect different types of cancer before symptoms appear. The Galleri test, as it was called, aims to diagnose the disease earlier, thus preventing deaths worldwide.

The method, which searches for cancer DNA in the patient’s body, has been tested by the Exploratory study. A total of 6,621 adults aged 50 or over participated in the survey. Of these, 92 were considered potential patients and were then subjected to further testing.

The new tests confirmed the presence of tumors or blood cancer in 36 people. Of these, 14 were in the initial stage of the disease. Galleri’s test identified tumors in tissues such as the breast, liver, lungs, and colon, in addition to the ovary and pancreas.

The technology is even able to tell where the cancer is. A female volunteer, for example, was diagnosed with two different tumors – the first in the breast and the second in the endometrium.

It was the first time Galleri test results were returned to doctors and patients. The results of a large clinical trial organized by the National Health Service in England are expected to be published soon, involving 165,000 participants.

The test is considered a game changer by some researchers, marking a new era in medicine. However, further studies should be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the examination and to understand the benefits of early diagnosis.

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