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It’s easy to get carried away by the imagination and design our dream home down to the smallest detail: swimming pool, lots of outdoor spacetop-to-bottom windows letting in the best of natural light, whirlpool bath, suites and even, who knows, an indoor spa.

Abroad, a green garden that will make every photo worthy of a postcard, a guest House so that visitors can have complete privacy, maybe a tennis court to practice some sport and a terrace with stunning views.

The truth is that the perfect home depends a lot on everyone’s tastes, however, we all have it, even if it is a desire that escapes our current budget. To give you more ideas, or to prove that your perfect house it was also someone’s dream, we made a list of most wanted homes in Portugal.

Don’t think about budgets, let your imagination run wild and discover all the secrets of these 20 luxury homes.


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