Samsung will prepare a big change for the Galaxy S

It is in the Galaxy S range that Samsung has its tops with the greatest number of sales. are these the florets that the company is targeting for the masses, meaning this is one of the most important ranges in its portfolio.

This product line could pioneer one of the biggest shifts in the mobile technology industry. Apparently, Samsung will be able to completely get rid of the physical buttons on the Galaxy S line.

The Samsung Galaxy S without any physical buttons could arrive in 2025

This theory was mentioned on the social network Twitter and quickly spread by other sources linked to the sector. Still, this is information with which we must be careful.

According to this testimony, Samsung intends to smear the market in which it operates by completely removing the physical buttons from its flagship Galaxy S range. A decision that could materialize in 2025.

This means that the Samsung Galaxy S25 could be the first without these components. Instead, the South Korean will only bet on the software to perform the same actions triggered by the power button and volume rockers.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a similar solution. Huawei did something similar with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro by placing the volume controls entirely in its software and thus accentuating the lateral curvature of the smartphone screen.

This attempt at innovation did not yield the expected results after being abandoned in the next generation of this range. Various user complaints about touch sensitivity issues and response times have contributed to this.

Yet another question arises as to the alternative to the power button of the imaginary Galaxy S25 without buttons. A software solution to switch off the equipment is possible, but to what extent would it also be possible to switch on the equipment or when the software of the equipment crashes?

The complete removal of physical buttons from smartphones still raises some practical questions. As futuristic and exciting as the idea may seem, we have to consider how practical it will be.

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