A BOLA – V. Guimarães secures the draw in Arouca at 90+12′ (see summary) (Liga)

Round 7 did not allow Arouca to return to triumphs – the last outing of round 3 – nor V. Guimarães to repeat a series of two festive weeks – which had only taken place at the start of the competition. The two teams drew 2-2 in an emotionally charged game down the stretch.

The first part showed a tight duel, with few risks, although with the dominance of the Victorian team. The number of chances was however shared, leaving the home team the winning ticket: Bukia risked from afar and Bruno Varela was unhappy in the approach, letting the ball pass through his hands (33rd).

After the break, the game was a little more divided, with the Arouquenses being the first to see the danger. But it’s on the other side that the nets are agitated: pressing from André, error from Basso, assistance from Johnston and all the patience in the world in the submission of Anderson (57th).

The flow of visitor energy has broken there, with locals multiplying glaring opportunities. Mújica, Antony and Arsénio were not as happy as Quaresma, who closed a slalom with a low cross kick (70′). On the opposite side, Janvier asked for the tie, in a hangover, but the leather went off to the side.

Almost at a standstill (89th), Jota even managed to hit the mark, with a cross shot, indefensible for Zubas. The Guimarães player was however caught in an irregular position by the VAR. Lameiras shoots (90+12′), from the penalty spot, punishing Zubas’ charge on Safira.

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