Forget the curtain fringe! Here’s what will be the trendiest bangs for fall 2022

The fringe curtain, an unbeatable hair trend? It would seem not! And yet, it is very difficult to replace this hairstyle effortlessly chic, which suits all face shapes. Autumn 2022 therefore has some surprise. We share with you THE hairstyle that the the beauties of the whole world are claiming.

The super short bangs, in all its forms, is making a comeback. unite daring trend, more than its small effect! Side length, this fringe ends, at most, a finger’s width above the eyebrows. Its good point? Everyone can wear unite” baby bangs ! The celebrities have, in any case, already adopted it, as evidenced by the latest campaign of Kylie Jenner shared on his social networks.

The return of ultra-short bangs for this fall 2022

It’s the hairdresser Jesus Guerrero who performed this hairstyle on the American star. The inspiration of the famous artist? The 90s Good morning! The famous straight fringe ofUma Thurman in pulp Fiction and moreover is for many. To go further in the look, Kylie Jenner adopted eyebrows ends like razors and grunge free naked.

If she goes to all shapes face, short bangs should still be fashioned according to what best flatters you. The oval faces can wear it very thick, while the round faces rather turn to a thinner and therefore more discreet fringe. If this style recalls the 90s, it is also inspired by the 50’s. After all, fashion is an eternal recommendation !

We can only cite Audrey Hepburn with her short, wispy bangs in Vacancies Romaine. this retro style particularly caused a sensation on the last red carpets. Penelope Cruz unveiled her brand new hair look at the Venice Film Festival. at the film premiere In the marginsin fanl she plays the main role, the spanish actress in arboré unites fringe ultra-short freshly cut and a XXL bun.


A hair trend straight from the 90s

What hairdressing highlights this type of bangs the best? ” The short fringe can be added to all hairstyles, except perhaps the long horses – i.e. below the shoulders – because the very long and the very short will not go well together “, shared the hairdresser Tom Marcireau to Marie Claire. You will have understood it, all the hairstyles with short hair or mid-length will be to adopt the perfect short bangs.

If you are as nostalgic as Penelope Cruz and possibly the pin up 50s, a short or mid-length bob, curly gold wave with short bangs, give you a look ultra-glamorous retro to the Betty Page. You can also adopt a degraded cut, graphic and rebellious, just like Kylie Jenner. This version brings more modernitymore good rest more daring !

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