Pinto da Costa and the stoning of the Conceição family car: “Deserves our repudiation” – FC Porto

Pinto da Costa reacted on Tuesday to the stoning of the Conceição family car, after the rout applied by Club Brugge to FC Porto, at the Estádio do Dragão. In his editorial in the September issue of Dragões magazine, the Porto president referred to three of the many lessons he learned in “six decades of sporting management and four of FC Porto’s presidency” and reserved the last to the aforementioned incident. “Third lesson: we are much stronger when our enemies are only external. Obviously, one of the ways of trying to overthrow us is to try to divide us. panelists, several of them repeating this almost always inglorious task. But we cannot resist them. Above all, we cannot give them reason to attack us. And we must be absolutely intolerant of the attitudes of the supposed supporters of Porto behaving as enemies of the club with the stoning of Sérgio Conceição’s family car after a game was an abject event that deserves our repudiation to be severely punished,” Pinto da Costa wrote.

The first of the lessons the president shares concerns the national championship and says: “No championship is won or lost with 27 games to go. Last season at that time we had 17 points (one more than now) and we were four behind the leader (one less than today). We finished the champion season and broke the league points record. Of course, being in front is always better than behind. But our current position, not being desirable, it is not a condemnation.”

And he continued with references to Taremi. “When we win, our enemies react and escalate the fight against us. I could go back over 40 years and remember how they won our third championship in 1980, after the bi that broke 19 years of fasting. But I don’t need to go this far.. Everyone remembers what kept us from winning in 2019, a year after stopping a penta that was taken for granted at the start. the three main national competitions. We are therefore Lisbon’s infamous media campaign against Taremi is a manifestation of this”, he assured, recalling a commentator “who said that Sérgio Conceição’s family car had been stoned because speech denouncing centralism is another example – which also proves how far fanaticism for centralism can go”.

Finally, Pinto da Costa called for the union of the blue and white nation. “These three lessons converge in one idea: the more we are united, the more possibilities we have to fight those who hate us and contribute to the success of our teams. With fewer fans, less resources and away from the center of power, we have won a lot more than the others. And we have all the conditions to continue to do so. Together,” he concluded.

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